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There are fewer metals that are stronger, more durable and more useful than aluminium. It can be machined, formed and shaped, is second only to copper in conductivity, conducts heat well, is non-sparking, resists corrosion and rust, and is non-magnetic. Now, aluminum curtain wall has been dominant in metal curtain walls. Lightweight materials reduce the load on buildings and provide good conditions for high-rise buildings. The aluminum curtain wall has excellent water-proof,anti-fouling,and anti-corrosion performance,which ensures the long-lasting newness of the exterior surface of the building.
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0.Overview of Curtain wall Projects

Overview of Curtain wall Projects


NanNing office building-Inside Glazed Curtain Wall System


Anhui Editorial Building


Oriental Meidiya Center(Beijing)


International Business Center (CC-HongKong)


Construction Mansion Diwang Center,Nanning


Time Plaza(ShenZhen)

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